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Why ICOs Will Continue to Target Chinese Investors

The current trend in cryptomarket reviews suggests that Chinese investors have been participating in several Initial Coin Offerings in the past year.

China, as well as other parts of Asia, has become a target market for new startups from across the globe since the rise in the use of an ICO – or token sales – to raise funds for startups as popularized by the advent of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

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According to coinmarketcap, the global cryptomarket cap has risen to $47.3 billion and with the look of things – success of ICOs, new ICOs in the making, growing awareness of cryptocurrencies etc – the trend will likely continue with fresh money coming from new entrants even as new startups emerge with innovative businesses.

Two key figures in the Chinese cryptomarket are positive that Chinese investors will continue their participation in ICOs as the global crypto economy gets bigger.

Virgilio Lizardo Jr., the Vice President of International Affairs at Bitbank Group, cites the size of the Chinese/Asian market as a major factor that would sustain the trend and also points at the big risk appetite of many Chinese.

Lizardo Jr., who has been in China for nine years, states in an email:

“I will also add that because people in China have a lot of disposable income and not a lot of options to invest, it makes ICOs attractive as they are seen as something modern and global that they can participate in immediately. Chinese investors are risk takers and there’s a cultural aspect to that as well.”

Irrespective of their origins, these new ICOs which are gradually helping to cut off the need for traditional venture capitalists as a source of financing for new startups, tend to reckon with the Chinese to sell their ideas.

Startups usually incorporate elements that appeal to people in Asia based on several factors that have made the region very strategic as part of their strategy to capture the Chinese/Asian market before their crowdsale campaigns and in the long term.

In line with Lizardo Jr., the General Manager of EXX, identifies good marketing efforts as a key factor that has made ICOs successful in China as a means to spread interesting ideas to gain support from the community.

Ronald Lam says:

“ICOs in China are not only targeted at people in the community but also the public. There are many ICO platforms and also, they will run lots of roadshow and presentations. We see few ICOs from China going to overseas, but, lots of people coming to China for ICOs not only because the community size here but also a different view of things that helped inspiring their ideas.”

He adds that the current trend will continue based on precise marketing as it will prevent many things from going wrong and ground-breaking ideas being destroyed right from the start or delayed for many years.


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